About Floriade

Floriade interior

Floriade is a boutique Wellington florist specialising in unique fresh and dried floral arrangements. We believe that flowers delight the senses and bring an emotional response through colour, fragrance, texture and composition.

We offer fresh and dried flowers that stand out from the everyday because we use unusual flowers and foliage in our designs. Every floral arrangement we create is bespoke and individual.

At Floriade, we design flowers for any occasion - wedding flowers, anniversary bouquets, birthday flowers, sympathy bouquets or thank you flowers.

Floriade is Wellington’s dried flowers specialist with the largest range of dried flowers available. We create large dried floral installations for corporate events, weddings and commercial clients. A large part of our business ethos is to be as sustainable as possible by preventing wastage. We source our flowers with the intention of drying whatever we can. Drying flowers is a great way to prolong the life of flowers and create something sculptural, textural and beautiful. We have a custom-built flower drying machine that allows us to provide the highest quality dried flowers.

Whether it’s a bountiful bouquet, exquisite wedding flowers or a bespoke installation piece, we would love to work with you to meet your floral design needs.

About Annwyn

Annwyn Tobin with flowers

Annwyn Tobin, owner and lead designer at Floriade is a former landscape architect and photographer. Her passion for designing with flowers and foliage was the inspiration behind Floriade, a leading boutique floral design studio. Annwyn has extensive experience in floral design, including hundreds of weddings and events over more than 20 years. She is married to Geoff and they have three daughters and three dogs. She loves living in Miramar and bringing the floral joy to Wellington.